About Our Shop


Siren is an independent jewelry collection designed and created

by Melanie Errico.

The ethos of the collection is to create meaningful jewelry and healing rituals intended to connect the wearer to Siren goddess energy.

Inspired by alchemy, in which symbols transform properties of lead into properties of gold, this symbol is meant to open pathways of transformation to the wearer.

The symbol spells the word "Siren" forwards and backwards in symmetry to invoke the energy of its name.

The Siren is a goddess of strength and defiance of the natural order. As the ancient goddesses lured sailors to their fate, so we as individuals hold the power to disrupt the path before us.

The Siren energy empowers the wearer to bring in and manifest positive relationships, love, and attraction. It also protects positivity by destroying or casting down anything that proves non beneficial to the wearers sense of well being.

In this way, Siren is simply connecting the wearer to their own beauty, and their own power that lies within. The Siren’s energy amplifies the spiritual journey of confident self- love, protects the wearer’s lifelong intentions, manifests change for the wearer, and calls on a higher more authentic self to surface